Commander-in Chief of the Lithuanian Naval Force took part in the Baltic Naval Commanders meeting in Estonia

 Commander-in Chief of the Lithuanian Naval Force took part in the Baltic Naval Commanders...

September 27-29, Commander-in-Chiefs of the Baltic Naval Forces gathered in an ordinary meeting in Tallinn (Estonia) with Adm (R) Kęstutis Macijauskas took part on Lithuania's behalf. In the meeting cooperation among the Baltic States' Naval Forces was discussed through the Baltic Naval Squadron (BALTRON) project and other working issues.


Information on activities of BALTRON activities in 2010 and proposals regarding enhancement of the unit's efficiency was presented to Naval Commanders of the Baltic States.


In the meeting Action Plan 2011 of BALTRON was approved, multinational BALTRON's staff, Commander of the unit, appointment of staff and support ship N42 „Jotvingis" to take part in BALTRON activities under a certified plan.


Officer Lt Cdr (LAF Naval Force) Andrius Širvys was assigned Commander BALTRON 2011. He will be assisted by multinational staff of the Squadron based on Lithuanian military personnel in fulfilling BALTRON Action Plan.


In the meeting Baltic Naval Commanders discussed action plan of the Baltic Naval Diving Training Centre in Liepaja (Latvia), results, current issues and future plans of the Baltic Junior Staff Officer Course conducted in Latvia. Possibilities of the Baltic States to send troops to service in staffs of multinational naval forces, and other points were addressed.


Work meetings of the Baltic Naval Commanders are organized biannually. The following event is planned to take place in the beginning of 2011 in Lithuania.


The Baltic Naval Squadron BALTRON is a military unit established jointly by Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in 1998; it is made of ships of the countries' national naval forces assigned on a rotational basis and multinational staff.


One of the key BALTRON's tasks is to detect and destroy mines and unexploded ammunition remaining on the Baltic seafloor. The unit also serves as a training platform before duty in Standing NRF Mine Countermeasures Group 1 (SNMCMG1).


Baltic States developed BALTRON project by establishing Signal Officers Training Centre in Estonia, Baltic Naval Diving Training Centre, Mine countermeasures Equipment Maintenance Centre, and Baltic Junior Staff Officer Course in Latvia, Deck Equipment and Weaponry Maintenance Centre in Lithuania.


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