Increased alert level at Lithuania’s largest brigade and 3000 servicemembers start Exercise Iron Wolf 2021-II

Increased alert level at Lithuania’s largest brigade and 3000 servicemembers start Exercise Iron...

Lithuanian Land Force Mechanized Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf raised the alert level during the night of October 12 thus starting international Exercise Iron Wolf 2021-II. Over 3000 troops from Lithuanian and 12 other NATO allies and partners will be training for nearly two weeks at the event at General Silvestras Žukauskas Training Area in Pabradė and adjacent territories.

In total, approx. 1000  articles of military equipment will be training in the exercise: Leopard and Abrams main battle tanks, Marder, CV 90, VCI Pizarro infantry fighting vehicles, Stryker, Fuchs and Boxer armoured vehicles, PzH2000 self-propelled artillery systems, supply and administrative vehicles. Over 3000 of the training audience represent Lithuania, other NATO allies – Belgium, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Spain, United States, Latvia, Poland, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, and the Ukrainian partners.

The exercise will certify planning, offensive, defensive and other military activity capabilities in the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group Lithuania and Iron Wolf Brigade Algirdas Mechanized Infantry Battalion Headquarter and Reconnaissance Company. The training audience will showcase their readiness, share best practices in the international environment, execute logistical operations and hone interoperability among NATO partners.

Exercise Iron Wolf is one of the largest annual exercises in the Lithuanian Armed Forces held to maintain the combat readiness of the Mechanized Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf and its subordinate battalions and to certify the ability of its components to act together and in concert with the NATO enhance Forward Presence Battalion Group integrated into the Iron Wolf Brigade for the successful execution of tasks.