Military personnel of the Baltic States will train jointly for ISAF mission in Afghanistan in multinational exercise „Sabre Strike"

Military personnel of the Baltic States will train jointly for ISAF mission in Afghanistan in...


On October 18-31 Latvia will host training event „Sabre Strike 2011" in Adazi Military Area, the exercise will involve over 1.6 thousand soldiers from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and the United States.


Purpose of „Sabre Strike 2011" is to improve military cooperation between the Baltic States and the United States and thus to achieve relevant level of readiness for deployment to NATO-led ISAF operation in Afghanistan and other multinational operations.


In the exercise troops will conduct patrols in settlement areas, live firing tasks, a raid, and other types of military operations.


Lithuania will deploy a company-sized unit to the exercise, more than 100 soldiers. The unit is formed on the basis of the NDVF 5th Territorial Unit of Vytis Military District. They will take up duty in Afghanistan, Ghor province, from the beginning of the following year.


It is the first time that „Sabre Strike" is held in the Baltic States. The joint military training event will be organised at proposal of the leadership of the US Army Europe. USA is expected to deploy over 150 troops and 16 armoured vehicles.


The exercise is for the first time held in the Baltic States by proposal of military leadership of the United States. The exercise is planned to be held in the three Baltic States annually on a rotational basis.


For media representatives

Media day of the exercise will be held on October 21 in Latvia, Adazi Military Area. Reporters will be briefed on the course of the exercise, they will be able to observe the exercise and communicate with participating troops.

Media representatives who wish to take part in the Media day should send a filled in form (attached) to the Press Division of the Military Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Defence of Latvia ([email protected]) before October 1.


Ministry of National Defence organises transport for media representatives on October 21 to go from Vilnius to Adazi Military Area (Latvia) (and back). Media representatives willing to use the opportunity are invited to inform Public Relations Department of the Ministry of National Defence ([email protected] arba 8 5 273 5517, 8 5 273 5519). Number of seats is limited.


Lithuanian Armed Forces' PIC for media for the exercise - Public Relations Officer of the Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Force 1st Lt Tomas Pakalniškis, mob. 00370 657 61 271.