Air Defense Battalion hosted an international Baseball Match

Air Defense Battalion hosted an international Baseball Match

U.S. and Lithuanian flags fluttered in Air Defense Battalion on the 26 of September, because that day was played a friendly baseball game between Radviliskis baseball players' association (hereinafter - the RBA) and the NATO rapid reaction air police mission in carrying out U.S. troops in the battalion stadium.

The United States troops are protecting Baltic area with four fighters F-15 Eagle C since 1st of September in Air Force Aviation Base in Siauliai. Baseball is one of the most popular sports in U. S., so soldiers were very happy to be able to play a friendly match with the newly created RBA. Many American soldiers take the details of baseball while going on missions like balls and gloves in order to do some free exercise.



RBA - the embryo of a baseball in Northern Lithuania. The founder of this Association is Romanas Paskočimas, who is an advertising specialist according to the specialty. He got used to this sport while watching TV three years ago. The first steps in high places in baseball have been carried out with his family members. Later, he made  local students, young people and the others to be interested in this sport. Now the association has about 20 people. There are often 15 to 18 players during the training sessions, because of this, it is possible to make two teams which play against each other. Players are provided with clothing and equipment, for which they are very grateful to amateur club "Vilnius' sports wolves" and the Lithuanian Baseball Federation.



The stadium in Air Defense Battalion is not designed to play baseball, but after creating the databases and placing the additional nets on the goals, there were able to play a friendly baseball game. Initially, residents of Radviliskis got worse after the 0-3 defense, defense of American 3-6, but then youth became more brave and won the match 17-14. The day passed in a meaningful way, all were satisfied. Photo taken near the cannon L-70 of the battalion tells you all about it.