Baltic Military Committee meets in Lithuania

Baltic Military Committee meets in Lithuania

October 28-29, Chief of Defence Lieutenant General Valdemaras Rupšys is meeting with Chief of Defence of Latvia Lieutenant General Leonids Kalninš and Chief of Defence of Estonia Lieutenant General Martin Herem as the Baltic Military Committee for a conference in Lithuania.

The Baltic CHODs and their delegations will review the regional security situation, including an analysis of Exercise ZAPAD 2021 and insights into the irregular migration situation. Other topics to be discussed are aspects and novelties of the NATO regional planning and the activity of the Baltic Combined Joint Staff Element (B-CJSE) last year and in 2022.

Separate sessions of the conference will address separate services: cooperation and way ahead for the Baltic Land Forces, Navies, Air Forces, Special Operations Forces. AS is customary, the successful functioning of the Baltic Defence College will also be reviewed.

Major ongoing trilateral projects of the Baltic defence cooperation are the Baltic Air Surveillance Network and Control System BALTNET (Air Force level), Baltic Defence College (Armed Forces and Defence Ministry level), Baltic Naval Squadron BALTRON (Navy level) and the Maritime Sectional Awareness capability.

The Baltic Military Committee conferences are held one a year on a rotational basis, the event last year took place virtually.

Spokesperson for the Chief of Defence Capt Rūta Montvilė

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