Chief of Defence visits Lithuanian troops at exercise in Germany

Chief of Defence visits Lithuanian troops at exercise in Germany

On July 10–12 Chief of Defence of Lithuania Lt Gen Valdemaras Rupšys was visiting Exercise Schneller Degen 2022 in Germany were elements of the Mechanized Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf HQ and combat units are training operational planning and battlefield command and control. Chief of Defence was attending briefing on division-level operation and visiting brigade headquarters and areas of operations, as well as meeting with military personnel.

“The Lithuanian Armed Forces has two objectives in this exercise: first, it’s the strategic one to coordinate defence plans with our Allies, the second is tactical – to train together and to be able to understand each other with little words. Interoperability is achieved by three main methods: matched equipment, procedures and joint training. The easiest task is to acquire the right equipment, joint training is a different question and Exercise Schneller Degen answers that,” said Lt Gen V. Rupšys.

While on visit, Chief of Defence also met with Commander of 10th Armored Division of the Bundeswehr Maj Gen Ruprecht von Butler to discuss exercise results and further training events, as well as potential cooperation projects and plans.

“As we are acting at the exercise as a division, we are mastering all procedures in preparation for close cooperation in the future. Participation of the Iron Wolf Brigade from Lithuania is a distinct pleasure as well, as we train to act on the battle field shoulder to shoulder,” Commander of 10th Armored Division lauded the event. On July 4 elements of the Mechanized Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf Staff and combat units began training at Exercise Schneller Degen 2022 in Germany. Lithuanian troops will be training operational planning and provision of battlefield command and control to combat units for three weeks.

Exercise Schneller Degen is an annual German exercise, last year it was for the first time hosted by Lithuania training redeployment of headquarters and command elements to build allied interoperability and collective capacity.

The training scenario this year is designed to drill hybrid threat response and high-intensity collective defence operations. All military actions will be trained via computer-assisted simulation. Readiness of the MIB Iron Wolf staff to plan tactical operations and provide C2 to combat units according to the NATO military decision-making process will be assessed by an expert team of observers.

Photo credits: Lithuanian Armed Forces