Chiefs of Defence of Lithuania and Portugal visited exercise in Klaipėda

Chiefs of Defence of Lithuania and Portugal visited exercise in Klaipėda

On July 25 through 30 Chief of Defence of Portugal Admiral Antonio Silva Ribeiro is conducting a visit to Lithuania. He and Lithuania’s Chief of Defence Lt Gen Valdemaruas Rupšys have observed the exercise currently run for Lithuanian and Portuguese special forces. The military personnel are training ship assault, neutralization of hostile forces and apprehension. Such procedures are also applicable in critical infrastructure object, e.g. liquidized gas terminal, guard.

“We are excellent allies, our troops and Portuguese special forces troops and marines are training together to respond to any kind of threat immediately. The geographical distance stands no challenge to our unity as we are bound together by shared values, trust and fighting spirit,” underscored Chief of Defence of Lithuania.

Portugal has been rotating in Forces to Lithuania since 2015 to carry out combat training here. Different units have been deployed. At the moment, approx. 150 Portuguese Marines are training with military personnel of the Griffin Brigade and the Lithuanian Special Operations Forces. It is a part of the NATO Assurance Measures conducted to ensure security and deterrence in the region.

Fighter jets of the Portuguese Air Force has also been deploying to the NATO Air Policing Mission since 2007 to patrol and protect the Baltic airspace.