Col Aurelijus Motiejūnas assumes command of the Land Force Iron Wolf Brigade

Col Aurelijus Motiejūnas assumes command of the Land Force Iron Wolf Brigade

Colonel Aurelijus Motiejūnas will be in charge of the Lithuanian Land Force Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf starting August 3. He replaces Colonel Mindaugas Petkevičius after three years in the position.

The new Commander Iron Wolf graduated the Military Academy of Lithuania, served across the Land Force, held command of a National Defence Volunteer Force’s Territorial Unit, represented Lithuania at the multinational NATO and EU headquarters, deployed to multinational operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Afghanistan.

The Iron Wolf Brigade was officially established in 1992, it is currently the largest unit of the Lithuanian Land Force encompassing six battalions based across Lithuania and the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group deployed in Lithuania. Its subordinate units are armed with the most advanced weapons and equipment the Lithuanian Armed Forces obtains – the Vilkas Infantry Fighting Vehicles, PzH2000 self-propelled howitzer artillery systems. Personnel of the Brigade were part of all centerpiece events for our state –the firs multinational operations after regaining independence, compliance with NATO standards assessments, operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, and just the recent year – countermeasures against irregular migration and unscheduled activities across Lithuania in the wake of the Russian aggression in Ukraine.  

The current personnl strength of the Iron Wolf Brigade is over 3000.