Exercise Ramstein Legacy 2022 takes place in the Baltic states and Poland

Exercise Ramstein Legacy 2022 takes place in the Baltic states and Poland

On May 31 through June 9 NATO regional integrated air and missile defence exercise Ramstein Legacy is running concurrently in land and airspace territories of the Baltic states and Poland. The exercise is linked to another NATO exercises, Ramstein Alloy and Ramstein Guard to build up NATO air defence force cooperation, interoperability and integration in the overall NATO air defence command and control. The part of the exercise hosted by Lithuania will train approx. 330 troops from Lithuania, Hungary and the United States.

“Every opportunity to test in practice the functionalizing and interoperability of the capabilities we have with Allies is critical. Today it is more relevant than ever that we demonstrate regional security and effectiveness of our deterrence. I have no doubts we will display our best during this training. Good luck to all,” said Commander of the Lithuanian Air Force Col Dainius Guzas at the exercise opening ceremony.

Allied aircraft will be likely heard and seen in Šiauliai region over the course of the exercise. Among the assets used for the exercise, there will be the Lithuanian C27J Spartan cargo aircraft, AS365N3+ Dauphin and Mi-8T helicopters, Scan-Eagle drones, mid and short-range systems NASAMS, RBS70 and the Avenger short-range mobile air defence missile system

Info and photo credits: Lithuanian Air Force.