Final exercise „PRT-12 Challenge" of pre-mission training before deployment to Afghanistan began

Final exercise „PRT-12 Challenge" of pre-mission training before deployment to Afghanistan...

September 27 - October 1, active phase of pre-deployment training „PRT-12 Challenge" of the 12th rotation of PRT is held at Kazlų Rūda Military Area (Marijampolės Distr.) before duty in Ghor, province of Afghanistan.


In the final phase of pre-mission training PRT-12 personnel will undergo assessment of the results they achieved during a half of year.


In the exercise troops were assessed for tasks typical to the mission area - movement of units, evacuation of the injured, coordination of work with governmental and non-governmental organisations, and representatives of local administration. Soldiers will demonstrate their ability to respond to fictitious situations, such demonstrations of local population, insurgent attacks with IEDs on provincial roads, firing at the camp, etc.


The exercise is organised by the leadership of the Lithuanian Land Force. Conductor of the exercise and coordinator of the assessing team is Chief of Staff of the Motorised Infantry Brigade „Iron Wolf" Lt Col Alvydas Šiuparis.


Majority of organisers, observers and evaluators have already conducted duty in the Lithuanian-led PRT in Afghanistan and have skills and experience necessary to ensure that the training exercise is as close to real circumstances in Afghanistan, operation region, as possible.


There are around 200 military personnel involved in the training event, including Ukrainian troops to be deployed to Ghor together with Lithuanian part of the PRT-12.


A camp was installed for the purpose of the exercise in Kazlų Rūda Military Area, it parallels camp of the Lithuanian-led PRT in Ghor, province of Afghanistan.


Conditions are created for the training personnel and units to conduct operations in an environment similar to the area of operation of Lithuanian peacekeepers in Afghanistan. Training situations are designed with regard to the previous experience of Lithuania in multinational missions.


PRT-12 is formed on the basis of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Algirdas Mechanised Infantry Battalion of the Motorised Infantry Brigade „Iron Wolf". The 12th shift will be deployed to Afghanistan after a half year of training in November.

Troops of Algirdas Battalion will take part in a multinational mission for a second time. Combat flag of the Battalion flew in the camp of Lithuanian in Chaghcharan in 2006.


The Lithuanian-led PRT in Ghor is a joint civilian-military mission, a part of NATO's ISAF, that was launched in Ghor in summer of 2005. The main task of the mission is to help Government of Afghanistan to extend authority in the province, ensure security and create environment for provincial reconstruction.


Ghor, located in the central part of Afghanistan, is one of the safest provinces because of its geographical position and underdeveloped infrastructure. Despite security situation in Ghor which is described as relatively safe, insurgent movement is sometimes spotted there as well.


At the moment the 11th rotation of the Lithuanian-led PRT serve in Afghanistan, the shift is based on the Lithuanian Grand Duke Kęstutis Motorised Infantry Battalion located in Tauragės Distr. Kęstutis Battalion provides personnel for the PRT mission for a second time. The majority of personnel in the shift have been deployed to multinational missions in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan previously.


Representatives of Denmark, Georgia, Japan, USA, Poland, Finland and Ukraine serve together with Lithuanian military and civilian personnel in Ghor PRT camp in Chaghcharan.

Note for media:


Media representatives who wish to observe final phase of PRT-12 training on Wednesday, September 29, in Kazlų Rūda Military Area, should register before September 28, 21.00 hrs at cell phone no 00370 611 33533 (PIO of „PRT-12 Challenge"1st Lt Skomantas Povilionis)


Pictures by A. Jonaitis - training of PRT-12 units for mission in Afghanistan continues in Kazlų Rūda Military Area, a moment from integration exercise „Training Wolves-2" that took place last week.