First Lithuanian woman officer assumes battalion command

First Lithuanian woman officer assumes battalion command

On July 13 change of command took place at the Communications and Information Systems (CIS) Battalion in Vilnius: after two years in the capacity, Lt Col Marius Latvėnas was succeeded by Maj Jurgita Savickaitė becoming the first woman in the history of Lithuania to be in charge of a battalion.

The CIS Battalion has a critical role of providing a secure communication among Lithuanian Armed Forces units and thus enabling the Chief of Defence to exercise command over units. Even though still a young subdivision (formed on 1 January 2019), it is advanced, innovative and resilient to cyber influence. Its personnel is ready to deliver on their mission no matter what.

“The Battalion has already developed information systems and communications networks over its short life, so my further vision is to enhance accessibility, integrity and confidentiality of the existing systems. We will continue developing the capabilities and also focus on command staff and individual soldier training. The contribution of each one of you to the formation of the Battalion identity, including development and consolidation of its symbolism within the Battalion, is very much needed,” said incoming Commander Maj J. Savickaitė at the ceremony.

Maj J. Savickaitė chose military path by becoming a cadet at the Military Academy of Lithuania, not a go-to career choice at that time, back in 2000. In 2004, as a young lieutenant, she joined the ranks in the Mechanized Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf. Over four years she enhanced her qualification to become a CIS officer at the Gediminas Headquarters Battalion, and eventually a Signal Company Commander of it in 2011. Six more years later, she was offered the duties of a Land Forced Headquarters head of CIS Organization Division, promotion to the rank of major followed in 2017. Maj J. Savickaitė joined the CIS Battalion in 2019 by appointment as Chief of Staff.

The officer holds National Defence System recognitions of different levels: service-level medals of merit in 2014 and 2015, Lithuanian Armed Forces Medal for Civilians and Military on the Centenary of the Re-established Lithuanian Armed Forces ( 2019), Lithuanian Armed Forces Medal of Merit (2021).

The ceremony was attended by Chief of Defence, commanders of services and commands, other guests.

Photo credit: Pte 1st Class DaividoasMatijošaitis