Foreign vessels prepare for Northern Coasts 2022 in Klaipėda

Foreign vessels prepare for Northern Coasts 2022 in Klaipėda

On September 15-19 warships of Germany, France and Estonia are assembling in Klaipėda Seaport for international annual maneuvers Northern Coasts 2022 in the Baltic Sea.

The ship group will include FGS Bad Bevensen minesweeper, FGS Schlieswig-Holstein frigate, FGS Oste fleet service ship, FGS U32 submarine, ENS Admiral Cowan and FNS Cepheé minesweepers.

Commanding officers of the vessels and Defence Attaché of Germany to Lithuania Lt Col Konstantin Bellini discussed the oncoming exercise with Chief of Staff of the Lithuanian Navy Cdr Marius Šakinis. While docked in Klaipėda, the ships will receive logistical supply, FGS Bad Bevensen will host a damage control exercise where the ship crew will be joined by Klaipėda District Fire Rescue Department officers in fire control training.

On September 19 all the ships will sail to the Baltic Sea to train in an annual exercise Northern Coasts, part of it will take place in the territorial waters and exclusive economic zone of Lithuania over the next week. The ships will be rehearsing tactical maneuver elements, EO detection and neutralization, etc.

Photo and info credits: Lithuanian Navy