Lithuanian Air Force troops train at an electronic warfare exercise

Lithuanian Air Force troops train at an electronic warfare exercise

On July 17 through 21 members of the Air Defence Battalion, Airspace Surveillance and Control Command, Lithuanian Air Force, train at Ramstein Guard 2023, international electronic warfare exercise conducted simultaneously in Lithuania and Latvia by the NATO Combined Air Operations Centre at Uedem.

“We are deploying to Exercise Ramstein Guard 2023 right after the NATO Summit so I am really proud about my troops who have undergone intense training and have plenty of motivation to complete the tasks, I am certain that this is also a great opportunity to train with the Allies. Surveillance radar operators are trained to act in electronic warfare conditions in real time, as well as platoon-level coordination with tactical level operations centers,” said Surveillance Radar Battery Commander 1st Lt Aleksas Vaikutis.

The exercise trains air defence personnel to stay efficient in electronic warfare conditions, operate surveillance radars and ensure timely alerting and reporting. The exercise uses a ground-based jamming station and a jamming aircraft.

Ramstein Guard 2023 is part of the NATO Electronic Warfare Force Integration Programme. It is an Allied systematized training effort to ensure integrated and coordinated training for NATO capabilities to be able to prevail in a disadvantaging electromagnetic environment. The annual exercise Ramstein Defence is organized by the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe and Allied Air Command Ramstein (Germany).

Photo and info credits: Lithuanian Air Force