Lithuanian and Estonian Chiefs of Defence discussed joint defence projects

Lithuanian and Estonian Chiefs of Defence discussed joint defence projects

Chief of Defence of Lithuania Lt Gen Valdemaras Rupšys met with his Estonian counterpart Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces LT Gen Martin Herem who is conducting a formal visit to Lithuania. The aim of the visit tis to discuss topical aspects of bilateral military cooperation, exchange insights on the current security situation and efforts to strengthen long-term deterrence in the region, deployment of Lithuanian and Estonian forces to exercises, and implementation of multilateral and bilateral projects.

“Estonian Chief of Defence and I have discussed not only the enhancement of our capabilities but also NATO’s concept of deterrence and defence in our region. We have focussed considerably on the aid to Ukraine looking for the best solutions concerning both, ammunition and weaponry supply and personnel training. I assert that in proportion to its size and military capabilities, is a role-model supporter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” said LT Gen Valdemaras Rupšys said.

One of the points on the meeting agenda was the Baltic cooperation on acquisition of the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS).

Chiefs of Defence of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia agreed to collaborate in the development of a missile defence capability in the Baltics last year. A Trilateral Baltic Working Group established for the purpose is currently assessing technical, operational and legal aspects of such acquisition, analyses options for missile defence architecture in the region and conducts primary phase of discussions with the U.S. o. potential procurement.