Lithuanian M113 tracked armored personnel carriers delivered to Ukraine

Lithuanian M113 tracked armored personnel carriers delivered to Ukraine

In a joint efforts with the Ministry of National Defence, the Lithuanian Armed Forces handed over to Ukraine M113 tracked armored personnel carriers thus finalizing the recent EUR 15,5 million worth shipment of assistance to Ukraine. It also included 10 military trucks and 10 SUVs for demining operations which reached Ukraine in the beginning of June. Lithuania provides and will provide all possible support to Ukraine’s statehood and independence, including military, financial, humanitarian and any other, against the Russian aggression.

Lithuania has also started training Ukrainians to use Western weaponry, the first course for anti-tank system instructors wrapped back in April. Also, a special skills course arranged under the international Defence Education Enhancement Program (DEEP) for Ukrainian troops at the Division General Stasys Raštikis Lithuanian Armed Forces school was completed in June.

Tracked armoured personnel career M113 is a light 10.4-ton tracked armored vehicle protecting the crew of 12 and the driver from ammunition and missile fragments. M113 can swim because of its tracks at the speed of 6 km/h. If the M113 is used as a platform, a cargo and personnel transportation vehicle can be assembled, or a command-post, medical support, communications, technical recovery vehicle.

The military assistance Lithuania has given to date includes the Stinger air defence systems, anti-armor weapons, tactical vests and helmets, 120 mm mortars, small arms, thermovisors, drones, anti-drones and surveillance radars. Lithuania will also hand over EOS C VTOL surveillance drones bought with and a Bayraktar TB2 drone armed with funds raised by the Lithuanian people.

Photo credits: Lithuanian Armed Forces