Lithuanian military and Allies begin an intense training cycle

Lithuanian military and Allies begin an intense training cycle

The Lithuanian Armed Forces announces the beginning of an international exercise in the air, land and maritime territory of Lithuania held to strengthen regional security.

Multinational annual training exercise Swift Response 2022 of the U.S. Army Europe and Africa will take place on May 6–20. The event will involve approx. 9 thousand troops from 17 NATO and partner countries and showcase the capability to execute airborne landing operations at the same time in Northern and Eastern Europe, the Baltic states and the Balkans. Exercise Swift Response 2022 actions in Lithuania will concentrate at Gaižiūnai Training Area (Jonava region) and surrounding territories.

On May 5 international exercise Iron Wolf 2022-I begins at Gaižiūnai Training Area. It is closely linked with Exercise Swift Response 2022. The two-week event will involve approx. 1000 pieces of military equipment – tanks, IFVs, armored vehicles, artillery guns, and logistical support and administrative vehicles, and over 3 thousand servicemembers from Lithuania and other NATO Allies.

While operation Open Spirit 2022, a historical ammunition clearance effort in the Baltic Sea territory and exclusive economic zone of Lithuania will take place on May 6–20, concurrently with multinational diver exercise EODEX 2022. The Navy-organized training exercise and explosive ordnance clearance operation will involve 13 warships, 9 explosive ordnance disposal diver teams, and other specialists from 31 NATO Allied nations.

Photo credits: LITHAF