Lithuanian military began exercise in Suvalkija region

Lithuanian military began exercise in Suvalkija region

After three weeks of training in southern Lithuania, Exercise Unified Response changed location to Suvalkija region: members of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Algirdas Battalion have been rehearsing patrols and other tactical operations in towns and villages of Marijampolė region since Sunday.

The objective of such activity is to demonstrate the presence of Lithuanian Armed Forces in strategic locations of the country, and to be able to train outside of the permanent base at Rukla. Troops set up assembly areas across town and villages of the area, patrol urban and forested territories with tactical vehicles, train other kinds of activities and connect with local residents.

The exercise was launched as Russia was amassing military forces on the border of Ukraine from the Russian and Belarusian sides. The training event maintains readiness of the Rapid Response Force, trains military personnel to act in urban areas, and to respond to threats on short notice.

Photo and information credits: LITHAF