Lithuanian military monitored the procured JLTV at U.S. factory

Lithuanian military monitored the procured JLTV at U.S. factory

During a visit to the United States on September 6-9 Lithuanian military personnel vetted the second batch of 50 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles at the Oshkosh Defense production test centre in Wisconsin before delivery to Lithuania. The first 50 vehicles arrived in Lithuania in 2021 and were assigned to Lithuanian Armed Forces training units at Rukla and Kazlų Rūda.

It has been agreed with representatives of the U.S. Government and Oshkosh Defense that the shortcomings found at the JLTV technical condition inspection will be eliminated by the manufacturer free of additional charge before delivering to Lithuania. The Lithuanian military personnel have found minor technical discrepancies which will be eliminated before the second batch of JLTVs arrives in Lithuania in October-November later this year.

The Lithuanian Armed Forces acquires the total of 200 JLTVs from Oshkosh Defense according to the contract signed in 2019 by the Ministry of National Defence and the United States Government. The total number endorsed by the U.S. Government is 500 items in case Lithuania finds it relevant.

The procured Joint Light Tactical Vehicles is part of the Lithuanian Armed Forces modernization programme which includes acquisition of the Vilkas Infantry Fighting Vehicles and PZH 2000 self-propelled howitzers. Vehicle equipment constituent parts, weaponry, personnel training, spares and maintenance, transportation and installation of equipment are all covered in the contract between Lithuania and the U.S. The procured JLTVs, equipment, weaponry, tools and spares will be delivered to the Lithuanian Armed Forces until 2024 thus supplementing and updating the Lithuanian Armed Forces tactical vehicle pool. The vehicles will be assigned to subordinate battalions of Geležinis Vilkas and Žemaitija Brigades with a priority given to the national rapid response forces.

Photo credits: Lithuanian Armed Forces.