Medics of PRT-9 patrolled remote regions of Ghowr

Medics of PRT-9 patrolled remote regions of Ghowr


July 3, military medics of Chaghcharan PRT-9 patrolled remote locations of Ghowr province. Lithuanian, Ukrainian, and Georgian specialists of military medicine examined and provided medical assistance for over 100 people of remote Karbashi Quale village together with their Afghan colleagues.

According to observations of the head of Medical Unit of PRT-9 Maj. Valerija Urbienė, „the villagers mainly had painful backs and joints and their children had cold and rash faces."

Inhabitants of the village were quite surprised to receive the peacekeepers' patrol because, as they said, only a few cars had come around in the last fourteen years. The village called "the cave of lizards" is settled in a location with a particularly abundant population of lizards.

Medics of the Lithuanian-led PRT patrol the province of Ghowr assisting locals on a steady basis according to the ISAF programme. They develop cooperation with medical personnel of the Chaghcharan hospital and examine patients in the hospital and medical section of PRT HQ.

PRT is a joint Lithuanian-led civilian-military mission operating under NATO's ISAF. The main purpose of PRT is helping extend Afghan Central Government authority in the province, ensuring security and creating environment for provincial reconstruction.

Presently the ninth rotation of provincial reconstruction team is providing security in Ghowr, it is mainly formed from the members of Gen. Romualdas Giedraitis Artillery Battalion.

Besides Lithuanian personnel PRT-9 includes members from Denmark, Japan, Croatia, Ukraine, Georgia, and the US.


PIO for PRT-9 1st Lt. Marius Varna