Military personnel of the Lithuanian Armed Forces School trained at Exercise Maple Arch 2021

Military personnel of the Lithuanian Armed Forces School trained at Exercise Maple Arch 2021

November 27, Division General Stasys Raštikis Lithuanian Armed Forces School military personnel deployed back after taking part in Exercise Maple Arch 2021 in Georgia alongside Bulgarian, Canadian, Polish, Georgian, North Macedonian and Ukrainian colleagues. A battalion headquarters formed on the basis of the Lithuanian contingent have been training with foreign partners for two weeks to plan and execute peace support operations in line with NATO standards.

According to Capt . T. Čerikas, probably the greatest challenge the Lithuanian Armed Forces School troops faced during the training was the rapid planning of peace support operations, i.e., shortened from the usual 8–12 to 4–5 hours. “The exercise has taught us to plan quickly this type of operations. The Lithuanian Armed Forces School focusses on defensive operations, while Exercise Maple Arch 2021 trained peace support operations pertaining to non-conventional warfare. I am glad that the whole Lithuanian Armed Forces School headquarters worked like a team and we have achieved really good results,” said Capt T. Čerikas.  

Acting Commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces School Lt Col Paulius Diliūnas summarized the training at Maple Arch 2021 results and stressed the high level of professionalism and motivation of the Lithuanian troops who were training. They had to take care of all personal and service details within 72 hours after receiving the task to take part in the international exercise. According to Lt Col P. Diliūnas, they have completed their duties excellently and were spoken exceptionally highly of by foreign partners.

On November 23, Lithuanian Armed Forces Day, the Lithuanian contingent at Maple Arch 2021 had a reception at the Lithuanian Embassy to Georgia, and after a few days they were also congratulated on the occasion by First Deputy Defence Minister of Georgia Lela Chikovani , Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania to Georgia HE Andrius Kalindra and Defence Attaché of Lithuania to Georgia Lt Col Nerijus Tamošaitis in Tbilisi at Amirani Cinema. The event guests were presented and shown the “Invisible Front” documentary.  

Maple Arch is an annual international exercise that trains battalion-level headquarters in conducting different types of military operations, planning and executing peace support operations, and train interoperability while training in multinational environment. It has been held since 1999 under the mentorship of the Directorate of Military Training and Cooperation of Canada.

Photo credits: SSgt Laisvūnas Vizbaras , Cpl Raminta Mikoliūnaitė