Officers of the Home Guard of the Kingdom of Denmark visited NDVF HQ

Officers of the Home Guard of the Kingdom of Denmark visited NDVF HQ

October 28, officers of the Danish Home Guard paid a visit to the Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Force Headquarters. Col Flemming Meinertz and other officers in the Home Guard delegation were welcomed by NDVF Chief of Staff Lt Col Mantas Juozaitis and NDVF combat training officers. The guests were briefed on the National Defence Volunteer Force, its organization structure, tasks and capabilities.

“Since its onset in 1993, the bilateral cooperation between the Lithuanian and the Danish voluntary forces has been successfully continued. Lithuanian military instructors get trained according to the Danish warfighting skills development methodology are successfully training Lithuanian professionals and contributing to ensuring force readiness for future challenges,” Lt Col Mantas Juozaitis said at the meeting.

The meeting officers discussed the results of the Instructor and Patrol Courses and the requirement of such activities for the next year, as well as cooperation guidelines for 2022 and 2023, in the spirit of the constructive cooperation between the Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Force and the Danish Home Guard.

The Home Guard delegation also met with the Big Band, took part in its rehearsal and talked to Bandmaster Capt Ričardas Čiupkovas: they discussed potential cooperation between military musical collectives, contacts with the Home Guard band are planned to be launched in a short while.

The Danish Home Guard was established in 1945 for resistance fight, in case the Soviet Union was going to invade the country’s territory. The Home Guard of today is a military organization which is manned on a voluntary basis, over 45,000-strong, the active strength being roughly 16,000.

Information credits: NDVF

Photo credits: Cpl Michail Lysenko