Planning Group of the Bundeswehr pays a visit to Lithuania ahead of new German troop deployment

Planning Group of the Bundeswehr pays a visit to Lithuania ahead of new German troop deployment

On June 30 a military delegation of the Federal Republic of Germany carried out an assessment visit concerning conditions on the ground for deploying a German brigade forward command element. The visit took place to set out a tentative deployment timeframe and discuss Host Nation Support and command, control and coordination matters.

“I can firmly state that Germany is one of our strongest partners. They are investing in our infrastructure and security with full dedication and our countries are maintaining a dialogue at all levels as we need a synchronized threat perception, coordinated and synchronized defence plans, and the pertaining additional investment, infrastructure for a persistent presence of the Allies. We will work shoulder to shoulder with Germany to deliver on the NATO decisions,” said Chief of Defence of Lithuania Lt Gen Valdemaras Rupšys.

The German officers met with experts representing the Defence Headquarters, Land Force top command, and Host Nation Support personnel, and top command of the Iron Wolf Brigade at the major Lithuanian Armed Forces’ garrison in Rukla. Other points of focus were exercise and training conditions and cycle, the importance of know-how and experience exchange, as well as access to the responsibility area for familiarization.

NATO Heads of State and Government took decisions at the Summit in Madrid on plans to increase the force presence levels remnant in the eastern part of NATO, including Lithuania, since a few years ago.

Germany is the framework nation of the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group Lithuania, it will take on to reinforce the troop presence. According to the plans to date, part of the military unit will be based in Lithuania and the other part – pre-assigned at home in Germany with the forward command, equipment, munition stocks and other logistical necessities being pre-positioned here.

Photo credit: SSgt Virginijus Stonys | MIB Iron Wolf