Suicide bomber targeted Lithuania-led PRT camp but inflicted no casualties

Suicide bomber targeted Lithuania-led PRT camp but inflicted no casualties

October 13, around 8.30 local time, suicide bomber detonated himself next to the camp of the Lithuanian-led PRT of Ghor. The incident did not cause any harm to the peacekeepers.


Local guard forces protecting PRT camp on the outside spotted and warned PRT personnel as the suicider as he was approaching. Lithuanian troops fired warning shots and then the insurgent blew himself up. The blast lightly damaged fence and gates of the PRT compound.


Neither civilian locals nor local guards were injured, the only victim of the incident is the suicide bomber himself.

Security level was enhanced at the camp after the incident, troops informed local security forces to cooperate in conducting investigation.



At the moment the 11th rotation of the Lithuanian-led PRT serve in Afghanistan, the shift is based on the Lithuanian Grand Duke Kęstutis Motorised Infantry Battalion located in Tauragės Distr. Kęstutis Battalion provides personnel for the PRT mission for a second time. The majority of personnel in the shift have been deployed to multinational missions in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan previously.


Representatives of Denmark, Georgia, Japan, USA, Poland, Finland and Ukraine serve together with Lithuanian military and civilian personnel in Ghor PRT camp in Chaghcharan.




At 14.00 p.m. Chief of the Joint Staff of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Brig Gen Algis Vaičeliūnas will provide a commentary on the incident (Kapsų str. 44, Vilnius). Prior registration at 00370-682-25359 is advisable.


Spokesperson to the Chief of Defence Capt Tomas Balkus, cell phone 00370-682-25359, e-mail.: tomas.balkus@mil.lt