Territorial defence commanders from across the Baltic region gather in Lithuania

Territorial defence commanders from across the Baltic region gather in Lithuania

On April 13 through 14, the National Defence Volunteer Force of the Lithuanian Armed Forces is hosting the Baltic Sea region territorial defence forces conference SCANBAL 2022. The event is attended by commanders and representatives of the Lithuania, Latvian, Estonian, Danish Swedish Finish and Norwegian territorial defence forces.

“The SCANBAL 2022 participants demonstrate the longstanding cooperation among the territorial defence capabilities of the countries in the Baltic Sea region and their resolve for further close cooperation in the context of the current geopolitical situation: sharing experience and participating in military exercises and training and other events together. Joint training and exercises have been organized with many of the neighboring countries since the rise of the National Defence Force. The SCANBAL 2022 forum is an excellent platform for sharing experience and maintaining high combat readiness,” Commander of the Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Force (NDVF) Col Linas Kubilius

SCANBAL is hosted by the Baltic countries on a rotational basis.

Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Force

The Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Force trains military personnel for armed defence of land territory of the Republic of Lithuania, renders host national support, deploys to international operations, supports other public institutions, and fulfils others functions.

Established as the Voluntary National Defence Service on 17 January 1991, the NDVF has been incorporated into the Lithuanian Land Force since 2003.

The NDVF strength amounts to approx. 5200 volunteer conscripts committed to nonresident military service on the basis of volunteer servicemember contract. Volunteer servicemembers take part in combat training exercises for approx. 30 days annually, in total, mostly during the weekends, which makes it easily compatible with civilian activities, such as work or studies.

Info credits: NDVF