Volunteer military personnel train in Germany

Volunteer military personnel train in Germany

Troops of the 2nd Territorial unit of Darius ir Girėnas Military District, National Defence Volunteer Force, are training at Exercise Saber Junction 22 in Germany, Hohenfels Training Area, alongside over 4400 other Allies from the U.S., Albania, Belgium, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy and elsewhere.

Volunteer troops are training with the U.S. Special Operations Forces to act in a civilian environment: area reconnaissance and assessment, CIMIC and information operations, as well as of the key roles of volunteer forces – identification and neutralization of targets behind enemy lines.

“The experience we acquier in this exercise is really valuable for further training of our troops. Joint training of volunteer and special forces troops boots our morale as well as our level of readiness,” 204th Infantry Company Commander Capt Marius Zapalis says about the exercise.

Saber Junction runs from August 28 through September 21. It is organized by the Joint Multinational Readiness Centre of the U.S. 7th Army Training Command to train participants to perform duties in a realistic battlefield and civilian environment.

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