Ukraine’s national defence system and internal affairs system representatives shared lessons learned in war

Ukraine’s national defence system and internal affairs system representatives shared lessons...

March 7, the Warfare Institute of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Training and Doctrine Command held a Conference on “Integration of Armed Structures into National Defence. Ukraine’s Experience for Lithuania” at the General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania where representatives of the national defence system and the internal affairs system of Ukraine shared knowledge and experience.  

Opening the Conference, Vice Minister of National Defence Žilvinas Tomkus and Minister of Internal Affairs Agnė Bilotaitė unanimously stated that Ukraine’s painful experience of war against the aggressor was invaluable for all the armed structures of Lithuania. “We have to keep working together and step up the interaction between the Ministry of National Defence and the Ministry of the Interior so that when a crisis arrives, we are able to counter it in a united and coordinated we way,” said Minister of the Interior.

Keynote speakers representing Ukraine’s armed structures shared experience in border control, police, information space, volunteer training, integration of paramilitary and interior institutions into the Armed Forces of Ukraine, overall coordination, inclusion of civilian institutions and their role in national defence.

“Volunteer training and integration in armed structures is a critical aspect, you need to learn this lesson in advance. Every volunteer has not only to receiver training in the shortest time possible but also to know precisely his missions, his superiors, the point of his fight and the limits of his responsibility. Coordination among institutions is another critical aspect. There must be a solid mechanism to prevent miscommunication,” said a Ukrainian representative.

An open discussion addressed hostile online activities, cyber-attacks, information and propaganda flow, their management, and humor to lift up the spirits of Ukrainian troops on the battlefield. The Conference was closed by Commander of the Training and Doctrine Command Brig Gen Alvydas Šiuparis who thanked the Ukrainian delegation for finding the time to visit and share experience despite the war ranging back home.

The Conference was attended by over a 100 representatives of the Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of the Interior and subordinate bodies, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lithuanian Armed Forces, Military Academy of Lithuania and the Riflemen Union.

Photo and info credit: Training and Doctrine Command