We look forward to our continued partnership, says Commanding General of the U.S. Army Europe and Africa during his visit in Lithuania

We look forward to our continued partnership, says Commanding General of the U.S. Army Europe and...

On September 22 – 23 Commanding General of our strategic ally, U.S. Army Europe and Africa, General Christopher G. Cavoli was conducting a visit to Lithuania. The high-ranking guest met with Minister of National Defence, Chief of Defence, and visited the U.S. soldiers deployed at General Silvestras Žukauskas Training Area.

“The U.S. force presence in Lithuania is one of our core security guarantees. We should all prioritize deterrence. We particularly appreciate the many years of solidarity demonstrated by the U.S., and especially today, as we are facing new challenges on the eastern NATO borders. The necessity of U.S. military presence in Lithuania has been highlighted more than ever before, therefore we are offering every condition necessary for maintaining and strengthening their readiness. We have recently inaugurated Camp Herkus, a new facility for the U.S. and other allied personnel,” Minister A. Anušauskas told General Ch. G. Cavoli during his visit to the Ministry of National Defence.

“I would like to emphasize that the U.S. military presence and training with NATO eFP troops in Lithuania is the most effective deterrence against Russia. The close partnership between the U.S. and Lithuanian Forces has been tested in such complex missions as in Afghanistan,” Minister added.

The U.S. General visited Lithuania to reassure the Lithuanian people and to demonstrate the staunch United States commitment to Lithuania. The rotation units deployed at General S.Žukauskas Training Area in Pabradė are subordinate to General Ch. G. Cavoli , General would be in charge of deploying U.S. support to the Lithuanian Armed Forces in case of a crisis in the region.

“Lithuania is a valued and important security partner to the United States, both, regionally and, of course, globally. Lithuania is investing in capabilities that will strengthen its readiness and the collective defence of NATO. For many years the Lithuanian and the U.S. militaries have enjoyed a strong partnership – working together in Afghanistan in support of Atlantic Resolve, and NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence, as well as through the Lithuanian Armed Forces partnership with the Pennsylvania National Guard,” said General Christopher G. Cavoli at the following press conference– And as we look forward to our continued commitment and partnership to the peace and security of the Baltics and of all of Europe, we look forward to continuing our deep relationship with the Lithuanian armed Forces.”

At the meeting with Chief of Defence f Lithuania Generals discussed the security situation in the region, the U.S. presence in Lithuania, joint training and exercises, as well as joint actions in the event of a crisis. A significant attention was paid also to the development of Lithuanian Armed Forces capabilities, with support of the United States, division-level officer exchange programme.

“We keep an eye on the situation, in Lithuania as well as globally, which remains tense, therefore the military friendship between us and the United States is invaluable for deterrence and defence. We have not only addressed working matters today – I have assured the guest that we, the Armed Forces and the state of Lithuania, are doing everything possible to be an equal as an ally: in terms of Host Nation Support, training, learning, and sharing experience,” Chief of Defence Lieutenant General Valdemaras Rupšys said at the meeting.

The American force training in Lithuania is a part of the U.S. Army Europe Operation Atlantic Resolve on the eastern flank of the Alliance. It demonstrates the U.S. collective defence commitments to NATO allies in ensuring security in Europe. U.S. and troops have been rotating and training in the Baltic states and Eastern Europe since spring 2014. The U.S. actively supports the defence of our region with military personnel, equipment and financing. Financial support is rendered on an annual basis under the European Deterrence Initiative to improve defence capabilities and military infrastructure of the Baltic states, including Lithuania. The Unite States is also one of the key allies in weaponry acquisition.

Information credits: Lithuanian Armed Forces